Your Organization Fundraiser with Prairie Melody™ Birdseed and Poultry Food

At Prairie Melody™, we believe that every backyard can make a difference

 to our environment.

Why Choose Us?

We love working with Environmental Groups, Schools, Audubon Societies, Scouts, FFA, 4-H Clubs and any environmentally focused organization. 

From backyard bird feeding to backyard hens, we share your values and your desire to do your part.

Community Involvement is important. We provide job experience to members of our community with mental and physical challenges.

High quality birdseed is important. Prairie Melody™ is double cleaned and packaged in recyclable bags.

"I'm extremely happy with my purchase & my birds are too. I have a cat that loves watching birds. She watches from the safety of our window, and she'll bird watch for 8-12 hours at a shot! The black oil sunflower seeds attract house finches and juncos over here in Oregon, and we also had 2 unusual visitors that were enjoying the seed - 2 doves. I've put out "test piles" of older seed I'm trying to use up & the black oils. The birds strongly prefer the black oil." 

Abby M.

"Super clean seed. I buy because it has no pesticides. But also has little waste (stems, empty shells, etc.) and seems fresh. The bag has a sturdy handle. My last couple orders have included a nice hand-written thank you note! Highly recommend."

Amazon Verified Customer

About Us

At Prairie Melody™, we believe that every backyard can make a difference to our environment.

Prairie Melody™ birdseed is pesticide free.  Safe for birds, bees and the people who feed them. Prairie Melody™ is all Natural, nonGMO and produced without synthetic fertilizer. Our mission is to support farmers transitioning their land from conventional farming practices to USDA Organic certification by providing unique market opportunities.

​We double clean our birdseed before packaging to remove stems, dirt and hulls. 



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